Who do we serve…

If you…

  • Were born between 1945-1960

  • Own a home or condo

  • And have an income between $24,340 and $179,759

You may qualify for unclaimed benefits*

Source: Dodd-Frank Act Section 917

Watch this short, 5 minute video 

Why you need it(Portfolio Review)

It starts with CYA, which of course stands for

Control Your Assets.

How is this done.  Just like it sounds, the Full Checklist is a portfolio review using a checklist where your particular situation is reviewed to identify all the benefits your owed, but may not be receiving. You will receive a report detailing those benefits and exactly where to go next.

Live your retirement with CONFIDENCE

What are the Benefits - of the Full Checklist

The benefits are broken down into 3 major categories—Health, Money and Family.

Here are a few stories on how re-discovering these benefits

gave people the additional control and lifestyle they wanted.


You worked hard and now you deserve the lifestyle you earned—and you deserve it for the rest of your life… 


When Push comes to shove… its’s family that matters. That’s where the Full Checklist really shines...


There are a few, very powerful benefits you can use to stay healthy, fit and doing the things you love to do...

Wealth Guide Financial

Guiding your way

Mike McCracken

Mike McCracken and Wealth Guide Financial is an independent entity that is part of 200 specialized advisors that are experts in the field of personal finance and have been trained to use the “Full Checklist” as part of the free portfolio review.  Mike McCracken is the local MN and surrounding states field advisor. He's licensed as a Fiduciary. This title by law places the clients’ best interests first. Not the company, not the shareholders, but the clients. Period.  What does this mean for you?  Completing the Full Checklist is a fiduciary responsibility of anyone in our network and Mike McCracken has been helping clients like you since 1993.


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