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Here's just 5 examples of those Benefits you may be owed...

1. You may qualify for over one-years’ worth of in-home or long-term care without spending a dime on expensive annual premiums—that could be over $80,000 in benefits to you… the catch is you must act now, while you are still healthy.

2. A Free Identity Protection program offered by the U.S. Federal Trade Commission. This program is absolutely free and virtually nobody knows about it. Getting this free, as compared to other similar programs (like Life Lock) saves you over $300 a year while still giving you peace of mind.

3. Lowering the tax you pay on your taxable investment income to just 1.7% using the U.S. Treasury Reg. 1.72. Depending which tax bracket you are in, this could save you thousands of dollars in lower tax brackets up to tens of thousands of dollars in higher tax brackets.

4. You could boost your take home income from Social Security by $2,617 by simply applying U.S. Code Section 86 to your tax return. If you haven’t looked at this, you could be shorting yourself each year.

5. You can access free software that will calculate the actual fees you are paying on your investments… both reported and hidden (not reported). When presented with this information from reliable, 3rd party resources, you could save over $2,000 a year, even if you have only $100,000 invested. The higher your invested assets… the more you would save per year.

Plus, there are up to 15 additional benefits the Personalized Full Checklist identifies for you!

If you are not aware or have not been presented ANY of these benefits to which you are entitled… you would benefit greatly from a personalized Full Checklist that will identify ALL of the benefits to which you are entitled.

You’ve paid into the system for years… Does it make sense to get every penny you are owed back?

“Why Haven’t I Heard of Any of These Benefits Before?”


We aren’t sure. One possible reason is because the ONLY people that benefit from these things is YOU! Your bank, broker, CPA or attorney don’t purposely omit telling you about these benefits… they just don’t look at it as being “their job.”

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