You worked hard and now you deserve the lifestyle you earned—and you deserve it for the rest of your life… With no worries of that lifestyle getting anything, but better!

John always had a hands on approach with his fianances and his advisor. He knows the value of both a dollar, and knowledge. That’s why he was at first dismayed… and then delighted to find all the financial benefits the Full checklist found for him and his wife. Dismayed because he had been missing benefits he was owed for the last 5 years… delighted because he will now be collecting them for the rest of his life!

John has now upgraded his boat so that he can get the whole family out cruising the lake… and his grandkids love being pulled, two at a time, behind the family’s new gathering spot… the boat! His wife, Julie, is using the additional income to take their daughters and granddaughters on regular spa days.

Making memories with benefits (money) the Full Checklist finds you are owed… but aren’t receiving? Priceless!



When Push comes to shove… it's family that matters. That’s where the Full Checklist really shines. Many of the benefits the Full Checklist finds, helps your kids and grandkids as well!

The one wish that Mark and Amanda had was that their kids would enjoy the same great lifestyle they enjoy. That’s where the Full Checklist came in… not only did Mark and Amanda use it to their advantage … they finally got the kids on the right track financially, as well. When their kids saw the benefits that the Full checklist found for their parents, they were eager to do it themselves. What happened next lifted a huge burden off Mark and Amanda’s back… the kids finally became engaged in getting their finances pointed in the direction of independence… just like their parents.



There are a few, very powerful benefits you can use to stay healthy, fit and doing the things you love to do. One resource available from the Full Checklist helped Mary change just one simple little thing in her life, and now she is healthier than she has been in years.

And what is she doing with her pain-free and energized life? In Springtime, she walks the streets of Paris for hours with the love of her life. In the summer, she’s playing, wading and running on the beach with her granddaughter, Olivia. And she not only is volunteering at the Winter Carnival at her church… she even entered the sledding contest!

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