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Money is the route of all happiness. OK, a little tongue and cheek there, but the reality is, you’ve worked hard for your money. It didn’t just fall into your lap. Therefore, our emphasis when it deals with your money is a focus on how you can reduce your taxes now and into the future – especially, by the time you retire. Secondly, we look at what constitutes your retirement income. Social Security, maybe a pension, investment income, or even fixed income. All these add up to what you can expect to receive as retirement income. Then compare that to your minimum needed income. That will equal either a surplus or a shortfall. Once those are in place and we know where you stand financially for income; then we can then talk about investments and how they compare to your investment risk profile. Many people we see are taking on far too much risk compared to their investment return needed to sustain their retirement lifestyle. For example, one may find that they have a medium risk tolerance, but plenty of income to sustain their lifestyle – so why take that much risk?

These are the questions that unfold when you follow a full retirement planning tool like our Red Blue Green concepts.  Investments are important, but hopefully now you can see why we must cover the other areas first.



Peter Pepper proposed, proper planning promotes priceless principles.   :)


Knowing that your financial life is in order, one can afford the wonderful privilege of being generous with family or even neighborhood emergencies. The Red Blue Green concepts can be passed down to your kids and even your Grandkids.


Do you ever wish you could pass on your financial knowledge to the next generation? The tools we use with RBG can be translated directly into next generational planning. Allowing you to leave a lasting legacy for your family or charity.



We strive for both Health and Wealth; one without the other is very difficult to deal with - to say the least.  How would knowing that you will not run out of money do to the state of your health. 

It would be like eating an apple a day. Basically it would mean EVERYTHING GOOD to your health…

Health is a direct derivative of how we live our lives. (I know there are many exceptions to this but stick with me for a moment) Stress is the number one root cause of many ailments and stress over a lifetime due to lack of money can manifest itself many ways. Implementing the RBG concepts as early as possible to create a solid income gameplan, can take years of stress off your life.  

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