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Does your financial life sometimes feel like a turbulent airplane ride? While you are trying to balance the uncertainty of the market, rising health care costs, concerned about preserving your hard-earned savings, and how to avoid the looming retirement taxes as much as possible.  Then you’re not alone.

As a pilot in my early years, I learned that a checklist is essential; so the little things are not missed. Because in life is it the big things, like a mountain in my flight-path that are missed? Or is it the little things that can haunt us for years if they did not get corrected. 

I’ve spent years fielding these questions and perfecting the results.  I have made it my life’s passion to reduce or eliminate these concerns by simplifying the entire retirement process. I help clients, who include people approaching retirement or already enjoying their retirement years, find little known benefits that if not found and fixed can cause even the best planning to unwind, unravel, and cause havoc in their lives.  When all you wanted to do is enjoy that lifestyle you are accustomed too.

Our slogan is “Navigating to Clarity” This means clarifying what income you can COUNT ON in retirement. Clarifying how you can minimize taxes to make your money last longer. Clarity on what rate of return you must average to make your investments last for the rest of your life. Then, navigate you to clarity by creating a report card on your money to tell you each year if you are behind, ahead, or RIGHT ON TRACK for your financial goals.

After 25 years in the financial industry, I am more excited now to help clients than ever before.  You see, the nostalgia of face to face meetings is where I thrive in streamlining the retirement roadmap and using a checklist to ensure nothing is missed is how I simplify the entire process.

I have also focused on putting my passion of working with people and technical skills to good use with the Boy Scouts of America and volunteering at our Church. I live in Maple Grove with my wife of 29 years and three boys. We enjoy watching our youngest son as a Goalkeeper for two Soccer teams while our heads are always turning to the sky to see if our oldest son is flying by in a small aircraft – he is attending an aviation college in Bloomington, MN. Our middle son attended Colorado Mountain College at Cooper Mountain, CO and is a Certified Snow-board Instructor. He currently resides in Missoula, MT and enjoys fly fishing in the summer.


Mike McCracken

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